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Welcome to Ebonhawke - Zapra - 08-22-2012 09:49 PM

Ebonhawke Vanguard [EBON] ---- Guild server is Tarnished Coast

Join us on Mumble
Group activities run smoother if we are on mumble Wink

Mumble download site: http://www.mumble.com/
Port: 50388
Password: 'forthetoast'
Username: [EBON]username (be sure to put [EBON] before name)


1. Get involved in the general Ebonhawke Vanguard Community?

Just register here and start posting!

2. Join the Ebonhawke Vanguard Guild
? Read our Code of Honor and apply here.

3. Tell us when you play and where you are from so we get a sense of our player base!

This will help us decide how guild activities should be structured.

4. If you are new to the community feel free to introduce yourself.

5. Monthly guild meetings are held in Raidcall the first Sunday of the month at 2pm central time.

All members are encouraged to join in and help us maintain a great gaming experience for our guild family.