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» Shadow Bowfin - 12-May-06:41 pm -- Sorry this is late but Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there
» Shadow Bowfin - 10-Apr-09:59 pm -- HI Kalmuric and Bibo
» Shadow Bowfin - 10-Apr-09:59 pm -- Hi Zap glad to see you on line Paula was asking about you the other day.
» Zapra - 03-Mar-10:59 pm -- whoot maybe I should come play a bit too...hugs to all
» Kalmuric - 02-Feb-03:58 pm -- Hello from a wayward soul
» Bibo - 02-Feb-01:11 pm -- Hello
» Shadow Bowfin - 11-Jan-07:13 pm -- I hope things are better for u Nick
» Shadow Bowfin - 11-Jan-06:50 pm -- hi
» Nick Ademus - 09-Jan-01:16 am -- ..and gals too! hows everyone doing?
» Nick Ademus - 09-Jan-01:15 am -- Hi guys
» Revel - 31-Dec-04:42 am -- Happy New Year! and be safe out there!
» Revel - 25-Dec-04:35 am -- Merry Christmas everyone! Smile
» Revel - 18-Nov-04:31 pm -- TURKEY HUGS ALL ROUND Smile wait...did that sound right? Big Grin
» Zapra - 16-Nov-01:59 pm -- still more hugs for all have a safe holiday season
» Zapra - 30-Oct-07:32 am -- guess that torpedo is still out there looking for Kiyo....sigh
» Zapra - 01-Oct-05:53 am -- Torpedo hugs Kiyo
» Zapra - 01-Oct-05:50 am -- ohhhh yea ....tis a HUG WAR NOW!!!! who sunk my hug ship!!! B4
» Revel - 01-Oct-02:51 am -- *sneaks attack hug on Zap* Big Grin
» Zapra - 29-Sep-02:01 pm -- Okay just because it's Monday hugs
» Zapra - 27-Sep-07:05 am -- Okay weekend hugs for all
» Zapra - 21-Sep-11:30 am -- peeks in....leaves hugs behind for all
» Zapra - 16-Sep-03:44 am -- ..../stares at empty room
» Zapra - 21-Aug-06:14 am -- A big hug to all miss everyone in game if you log on pm me pls
» Zopeau - 13-Aug-03:03 pm -- BLOOP
» Kiyohitokage - 10-Jun-07:30 pm -- 100 more zkeys too for the statue, lots of zaishen farming ahead of me..
» Kiyohitokage - 10-Jun-07:29 pm -- aw, that's okay, thanks for trying. I'm just vanquishing and stuff on my own for now!
» Zapra - 03-Jun-05:58 am -- sad to report kiyo no way to help you ...sigh
» Zapra - 29-May-05:29 am -- Nothing to report yet kiyo ;(
» Kiyohitokage - 22-May-12:55 pm -- okay! Big Grin
» Zapra - 22-May-05:43 am -- still trying kiyo I have not given up
» Zapra - 20-May-06:00 am -- will get back with ya
» Zapra - 20-May-06:00 am -- kiyo let me check with a few others from another guild in gw2 that still go to gw1 sometimes
» Kiyohitokage - 17-May-09:32 am -- Also, we can use the NOPE guild's mumble section to chat. TC Server mumble, the info is below this chatbox, nothing changed.
» Kiyohitokage - 17-May-09:27 am -- Hey would anyone be up for doing The Deep some time in GW1? I need it for my HoM, among other things...
» Zapra - 11-May-07:47 am -- Happy Mothers Day
» Zapra - 08-May-07:09 am -- once you know for sure kiyo put a post with directions on how to get to YUM's place
» Zapra - 08-May-07:01 am -- kiyo you set the place and time and i will try to be there...ohhh did you mail me my invitation to the party ...sigh
» Zapra - 08-May-07:00 am -- Celeste omg good to know your still around miss ya
» Kiyohitokage - 08-May-06:57 am -- Ookay! so we can probably use one of the YUM channels in the mumble. just have to pick a time that we can do consistently! I can be online this sunday night, like around 8pm EST. come join me!
» Shadow Bowfin - 07-May-10:00 pm -- Zapra how you doing you wild child woot woot....
» Zapra - 29-Apr-06:00 am -- Glad you found us Wolfie good to see you again
» Zapra - 27-Apr-06:46 am -- paullllllllaaaaaa sigh not see or heard from her ....will call her
» Zapra - 16-Apr-08:08 pm -- kiyo for the win
» Kiyohitokage - 16-Apr-02:41 pm -- Looks like we don't have a channel on the server mumble anymore D: I'll look at where we can do this..
» lord mcloving - 15-Apr-12:02 pm -- sorry i missed the reunion
» Zapra - 08-Apr-08:53 pm -- sounds like a plan but i will be out of town for about three days
» Kiyohitokage - 08-Apr-03:39 pm -- Anyone for a mumble/raidcall reunion? we can all connect this weekend or something. GW2 not necessary.
» Zapra - 03-Apr-05:46 am -- that is awesome
» xpiher - 02-Apr-06:37 am -- Looks like I'll finally be able to play and enjoy GW2 again
» xpiher - 02-Apr-06:36 am --